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Project Tracking and Verification

Tracking and verification consists of tracking a project's progress as far as development, hours, issues, and proper best practices. IT should have a system in place that tracks hours during the project. If the project starts to fall behind or if problems begin to arise, the project manager should be aware and act immediately. In addition to tracking, the manager should have a process in place to ensure that the code used follows best practices. There should be code review, and there should be a system to lock down the code as it is accepted.In the accounting example, there is a new accounting report system being created and many steps to do my essay cheap. A tracking system should be detailed and include the initial meetings with the accounting group and the creation of the system, which would include database creation and front-end systems. It should detail the development of each report, the testing cycle, and manual documentation. The goal would be that anyone who looks at this process knows where the time is being spent to build the accounting system and what the project's status is at any time. As the system is built, the development team should be meeting regularly to see how it is being developed. They should verify that the database is built correctly, that coding on the front end and the reports is done with the latest software practices, and that reports are generated using the correct software. The developer should be able to explain the methods that he or she used as well.


IT Project Quality Assurance

IT projects need proper testing by both development and user staff. The developer should test each function created in what is called unit testing. The IT testing staff should then verify that the application works according to specifications by running through the test cases, functional specifications, and use cases. The project manager should also ensure that the users test the system. This process is called user acceptance testing. Once the user has completed successful testing, the system is ready for implementation. For the accounting report example, testing would include detailed scripts. The testing group should have copies of current reports and test the new system against them. All testing should be thoroughly documented and archived.